Friday, September 13, 2013


This is my Tinkerbell Project! I actually made this for my friend's new baby girl, as a surprise, but I also made another second Tinkerbell for my step-brother's new baby girl as well! This was a great project, the second one went quite a bit quicker, but to be fair, the first one was my first amigurumi project haha so it was just the matter of getting use to crocheting amigurumi style! I did change the size of the doll by using bigger yarn and needles, because I wanted a bigger doll for my friend's little girl to be able to carry with her and cuddle with it at night.

Beginning Body (compared to original size body)

Dress attached

Hair Placing

 Hair Attached

Hair band attached and hair finished

Eyes being Placed

Eyelashes being started

Eyes and Lips Done!!

Eyebrows, Wings and Shoes Done!!

Tinkerbell Done!!

Tinkerbell completed!! You can find the pattern here;

and here are a few pictures of the second on I did :)

I think the body and the hair, in particular, are better the second time I made them, but the eyes and lips I do like better on the first doll.
Second Tinkerbell Body

Second Complete Tinkerbell Doll

Happy Crocheting!!! 

Cheers, xo


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