Friday, September 13, 2013


This is my Tinkerbell Project! I actually made this for my friend's new baby girl, as a surprise, but I also made another second Tinkerbell for my step-brother's new baby girl as well! This was a great project, the second one went quite a bit quicker, but to be fair, the first one was my first amigurumi project haha so it was just the matter of getting use to crocheting amigurumi style! I did change the size of the doll by using bigger yarn and needles, because I wanted a bigger doll for my friend's little girl to be able to carry with her and cuddle with it at night.

Beginning Body (compared to original size body)

Dress attached

Hair Placing

 Hair Attached

Hair band attached and hair finished

Eyes being Placed

Eyelashes being started

Eyes and Lips Done!!

Eyebrows, Wings and Shoes Done!!

Tinkerbell Done!!

Tinkerbell completed!! You can find the pattern here;

and here are a few pictures of the second on I did :)

I think the body and the hair, in particular, are better the second time I made them, but the eyes and lips I do like better on the first doll.
Second Tinkerbell Body

Second Complete Tinkerbell Doll

Happy Crocheting!!! 

Cheers, xo


Kitty Bed

 This is the kitty bed I made for the cats and boy am I happy that I did!! The cats LOVE it! They have each taken their turns sleeping in it but it has become the go to spot for the youngest of the bunch, Monster. I would definitely make another bed for upstairs but this time when joining the circular part of the bed I would attach it all around instead of folding it shut and sewing it.

Miss Kitty Sleeping in the Bed

 Miss Kitty just loving her new bed!!

Monster in his bed :)

You can find the pattern for this bed here;

Cheers, xo


Japanese Kitty

This is the cat I made from the Japanese pattern, I love it so much, I made it for my youngest niece who wants a reminder of her cat Dakota who she lost early this year. They were best friends for about 10 years, and she loves him very much so I was more than happy to make her a mini Dakota that she could have forever!
Dakota Sitting

Dakota chilling on the bed :)

You can find the pattern here;

Cheers, xo


Kitty in Monkey Suit

My niece really wanted a Hello Kitty Amigurumi head but I decided to 1 up it and make her a Hello Kitty inspired doll in a monkey suit!! I love monkeys and so she has grown to love monkeys as well, it's our thing :) I think she is going to love it!!

Monkey Suit with Closed Ears (this is how it was posted on the pattern) 

Monkey Suit with Ears Opened (This is how I decided I liked it more!)

Complete Hello Kitty Inspired Monkey Suit Doll!!

I love how this turned out!! It's cute, small, but not tiny, and I absolutely love it! I hope she does as well, it's a Christmas gift, so we'll see!! Fingers Crossed!

and the pattern I used for the face, you can find here;

Cheers, xo



Can anyone guess what this is the beginning of???? lol ....

 That's right!!! TMNT!! So here's a bit long of a post lol but it does consist of 5 crochet amigurumi dolls!! I made all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, their weapons, and I decided they wouldn't be complete without their master, Splinter!!
Mikey and Leo

All four boys

Leo and Mikey and their weapons

Leo Complete 

Leo (back) Complete

Mikey Complete

Ralph Complete

Don Complete

Don (back) Complete

Splinter Beginning of Coat

Splinter (back) Coat

Splinter with Complete Coat

All four boys, their weapons, and master Splinter Complete

Yay!! Done, this took a little while but so worth the effort! I made these for my boyfriend's birthday, he said he felt like a kid all over again, and smile threw out the day. He said we should turn them into a mobile ( I thought he mean't for kids someday, but he meant for himself haha)

For splinter's coat, I based it off a coat for Yoda I found on Google but I had to basically complete modify it hah, if anyone wants the pattern let me know and I'll find where I wrote it down and I will type it up!

Cheers, xo!


Candy Corn Kitty Sweater

Here's my beautiful Miss Kitty! She is a regular star on my photography blog, a seasoned vet! I made this cat sweater, and although it may fit Mr. Kitty or Monster a bit better, Miss Kitty was around to model it for me. What a good sport haha. 
 Dashing, simply dashing ;) hah

You can find this sweater at the following site;

My First Post!!

Hello Everyone!

Let me begin by saying a big thank you for visiting my new blog! This blog will feature all my crafty projects that I've conquered to date! I like to paint and crochet, and hopefully soon I will be able to add knit to that list! I have another blog that has all my photography to date, so if you're interested in that, please visit my blog at, and if you like cooking and looking for new recipes, I have a blog that features many recipes that I've done over the past little while, although I really wish I had more pictures :S (soon hopefully!) and you can visit that blog at! I hope you enjoy my blogs!!! 

Cheers, xo