Friday, September 13, 2013


Can anyone guess what this is the beginning of???? lol ....

 That's right!!! TMNT!! So here's a bit long of a post lol but it does consist of 5 crochet amigurumi dolls!! I made all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, their weapons, and I decided they wouldn't be complete without their master, Splinter!!
Mikey and Leo

All four boys

Leo and Mikey and their weapons

Leo Complete 

Leo (back) Complete

Mikey Complete

Ralph Complete

Don Complete

Don (back) Complete

Splinter Beginning of Coat

Splinter (back) Coat

Splinter with Complete Coat

All four boys, their weapons, and master Splinter Complete

Yay!! Done, this took a little while but so worth the effort! I made these for my boyfriend's birthday, he said he felt like a kid all over again, and smile threw out the day. He said we should turn them into a mobile ( I thought he mean't for kids someday, but he meant for himself haha)

For splinter's coat, I based it off a coat for Yoda I found on Google but I had to basically complete modify it hah, if anyone wants the pattern let me know and I'll find where I wrote it down and I will type it up!

Cheers, xo!


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