Friday, September 13, 2013

Kitty in Monkey Suit

My niece really wanted a Hello Kitty Amigurumi head but I decided to 1 up it and make her a Hello Kitty inspired doll in a monkey suit!! I love monkeys and so she has grown to love monkeys as well, it's our thing :) I think she is going to love it!!

Monkey Suit with Closed Ears (this is how it was posted on the pattern) 

Monkey Suit with Ears Opened (This is how I decided I liked it more!)

Complete Hello Kitty Inspired Monkey Suit Doll!!

I love how this turned out!! It's cute, small, but not tiny, and I absolutely love it! I hope she does as well, it's a Christmas gift, so we'll see!! Fingers Crossed!

and the pattern I used for the face, you can find here;

Cheers, xo


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